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SOLD! Plant-Based Magic (by Lisanna Wallance)

Updated: Mar 11

Cooking is an alchemical act. Science and magic come together when we prepare food with certain medicinally charged flora and fungi. Plant-Based Magic intertwines cooking and herbalism to celebrate the healing power of plants.

Through fantastical-sounding, but science-grounded “spells” like Immunity Mushroom Flatbread and Illumination Pumpkin Soup, Plant-Based Magic will show readers how to integrate these medicinal plants and mushrooms into everyday meals, and why this way of eating is not just good for the body, but also for the planet. The approach harkens back to the healer archetype of the witch, who respects the earth, follows seasonal rhythms, and practices her craft with reverence for nature.

"Euphoria Parsnips," from the Winter Spells section of Plant-Based Magic.

The Plant-Based Magic recipes, which are all vegan and seasonally arranged, highlight allergen information and provide succinct information on how certain ingredients improve our health. In addition to the main courses and sides, there are chapters dedicated to seasonal plant-based desserts like Eve’s Apple Torte and Strawberry Lemon Euphoria Squares. Supplemental chapters explain the benefits of plant-based eating for body and planet, the benefits of regenerative agriculture, lists of sustainable foods, an index of vitamins and minerals, and a guide to the medicinal plants and mushrooms that appear prominently in the recipes. The final chapters feature seasonal healing potions for both the warm and cold months, such as Hibiscus Heart Tonic and Sacred Lotus Toner. This is a year-round kitchen spellbook for bodily health!

Lisanna Wallance is a nutritive chef, herbalist, and author whose cookbooks are a sublimation of her suffering in hopes of helping others. Lisanna has a connective tissue disorder known as Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS), which causes widespread organ dysfunction. She turned to the world of herbalism and medicinal mushrooms to ease her pain, and is currently finishing a Master of Science medical degree in clinical herbalism at l’École des Plantes de Paris. Plant-Based Magic expands upon the magical themes Lisanna established in The Natural Witch’s Cookbook, which was initially published in French in 2019, and then translated into English, German, and Russian. 

Plant-Based Magic will be published by The Experiment, which has an excellent track record in veganism and plant-based eating, sustainability, and food-as-medicine. A few of their related books include the #1 New York Times bestseller Forks Over Knives, Vegan Africa, and the James Beard Award–nominated Plant-Based India. Lisanna will be in good hands with Sara Zatopek, her editor. Here's the Publishers Marketplace deal memo:

Congratulations to Lisanna and Sara!


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