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I exclusively represent nonfiction works across a range of subjects, but particularly history, social issues, popular science, food & culture, and cookery. Both published and unpublished authors are welcome to submit their work, just bear in mind that I can only agree to represent a very small number of new clients in any given year, and I will gravitate towards authors who are well established in their field. To submit your work for consideration, please follow the below guidelines:



  • Attach the full proposal, which should include a detailed TOC and a sample chapter. 

  • Format your proposal as a PDF. This ensures that I can open and read the attachment from whatever device I happen to be on.

Logo for Sinsheimer Literary LLC.


  • If you don't receive a response within three weeks, please resend your query and indicate that you're sending it again. I will try to read and respond to all emails quickly, but sometimes may need a second prompting.

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