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The Oxford Companion to Cheese launches at Murray's Cheese (fittingly!)

On November 10th Oxford University Press launched The Oxford Companion to Cheese at Murray's Cheese in New York City. I wrote the proposal for this book in 2012, and then chipped away at it for four years, working with a truly excellent editorial board and a huge team of 325 authors. So the celebration was a long time coming, and well worth the wait. I caught up with Cathy Donnelly (the Editor in Chief), Mateo Kehler (who wrote the Foreword), and my former colleagues in marketing and publicity, who planned the party. And I chatted with a few journalists about the making of this tome (tomme... cheese humor!), while snacking on a stunning quantity of new and old world cheeses. Take note folks - if you don't yet have a holiday gift for a cheese lover, look no further.

Photo credits: Sean Sime.

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