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SOLD! The Not For Tourists NYC Cocktail Companion (by Jeff Cioletti)

I’m delighted to announce the sale of Jeff Cioletti’s Not for Tourists NYC Cocktail Companion to Nicole Mele at Skyhorse. This is Jeff’s second publication with Skyhorse following last year’s release of Imbibing for Introverts: A Guide to Social Drinking for the Anti-Social.

Like his earlier book, the Cocktail Companion will include recipes from Jeff’s travels, this time to find what he considers the most authentic mixed drinks and bar experiences on offer in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and yes, even Staten Island. Jeff also makes a trek across the river to New York’s honorary 6th and 7th boroughs: Jersey City and Hoboken.

While finding a place to get a drink in NYC is easier than hailing a cab, finding a quality beverage can be a trial whether you’re new to town or simply venturing outside your local watering hole. The Cocktail Companion will provide an expert’s tried-and-true guide to the establishments that are crafting the freshest, most flavor-forward cocktails in the city—plus 60 cocktail recipes, many of which were shared with Jeff directly from the venues that made the cut.

Jeff Cioletti is the editor-in-chief of Crafts Spirits magazine, the former editor-in-chief of Beverage World magazine, and has written multiple books combining memoir, travel, and recipe instructions on the craft and customs of drinking around the world, including Drink Like a Geek, The Drinkable Globe, The Year of Drinking Adventurously, and Saképedia.

The NYC Cocktail Companion will be timed to publish alongside the Not For Tourists Guide to New York City 2024, and is part of Skyhorse's Not For Tourists guidebook series. Congrats to Jeff and his editor, Nicole!


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