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SOLD! Salt Wars (by Michael Jacobson)

I am pleased to announce the sale of Salt Wars, by Michael Jacobson, to Matthew Browne at MIT Press.

For nearly four decades, the federal government’s “Dietary Guidelines for Americans”—the

country’s basic nutrition policy—has urged people to consume less salt. But sodium

consumption has hardly budged and tens of thousands of people die prematurely every

year as a result. Salt Wars describes how for decades the food industry, a handful of industry-friendly researchers, and attention-seeking journalists have confused the public and stymied

progress on this critically important health issue.

Michael Jacobson began campaigning against over-salted foods in the late 1970s. Courtesy of Center for Science in the Public Interest.

Michael is the co-founder of the widely respected Center for Science in the Public

Interest (CSPI), where he has fought for decades for safer food, from sodium to the ban on trans fats to requiring Nutrition Facts labels on packaged foods. CSPI's flagship publication, Nutrition Action Healthletter, reaches more than half a million households each month (including my own!). You can find recent profiles of Michael in the Washington Post and the New York Times.

Michael and his CSPI colleague Bonnie Liebman are still fighting for less salt in our food supply, four decades later! This photo is from 2016. Courtesy of Center for Science in the Public Interest.

Here is the Publisher's Marketplace deal memo:

I founded my agency after working as an editor at Oxford University Press for seven years, and university presses remain near to my heart. With MIT Press, Michael has landed at one of the best. Congratulations, Michael and Matthew!

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