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SOLD! Imbibing for Introverts (by Jeff Cioletti)

As we slowly relearn human interaction, I'm pleased to announce the sale of a book that will help introverts find quiet, low-key watering holes around the world.

Imbibing for Introverts combines the social survival tactics taught in guides like The Introvert’s Way with the appreciation for thoughtful drinking found in travelogues like Chad Parkhill’s Around the World in 80 Cocktails. From Frankie’s Tiki Room in Las Vegas, to New York’s Dead Rabbit cocktail bar, to San Francisco’s Chinatown dive bar Li Po, Imbibing for Introverts helps solo drinkers confidently pull up a seat at every genre and subgenre of drinking establishment.

The book begins in readers’ most comfortable setting—their own homes—before taking them out on the town, to bars across the country and, finally, overseas. There are thirteen chapters divided by bar type, along with an introduction (“Introvert’s Manifesto”) and epilogue (“Quarantine Confessions”). Each chapter of this comical journey features drink recommendations and cocktail recipes that relate to the particular setting—fifty to sixty drink recommendations in total.

Jeff Cioletti recommends introverted tiki-lovers in the Vegas area visit Frankie's, which has just enough illumination to make the Polynesian-pop décor visible, and not one lumen more.

Jeff Cioletti is a beverage journalist and the editor in chief of Crafts Spirits magazine. He is the author of five books, the winner of multiple North American Guild of Beer Writers awards, a Certified International Kikisake-shi (sake sommelier), and the founder of beverage and travel site The Drinkable Globe. He also served for fourteen years as an editor at Beverage World magazine, including eight years as editor in chief.

Congrats to Jeff and to his editor at Skyhorse, Leah Zarra! Here's the official Publishers Marketplace deal memo:

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