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Send If I Don't Make It, I Love You to Every U.S. Senator!

Last year I had the privilege of helping Amye Archer and Loren Kleinman find a publisher for If I Don't Make It, I Love You. This extraordinarily moving and challenging anthology collects more than eighty narratives from those directly impacted by school shootings spanning half a century.

As the publication date approaches (September 3rd, Skyhorse Publishing), Amye and Loren are raising money to send a copy of the book to every sitting U.S. Senator. If I Don't Make It, I Love You offers powerful insight into how gun violence is transforming millions of American lives and whole communities across the nation -- as we have seen with heartbreaking repetition in recent days. These stories convey the the consequences of continued inaction, and I honestly believe it should be required reading for Congress. If you are interested and wish to donate to the campaign, I encourage you to follow the link below. Amye and Loren are also donating a portion of each book sold to groups supporting gun violence survivors; if you are interested in receiving your own copy, preorders are available anywhere books are commonly sold.

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