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Buying Nutrition Science gets earlyyy publicity

How often does a book get a cover story a full year before its publication date? Not often! So it is really exciting that the March issue of Nutrition Action, the world's largest-circulation nutrition newsletter (>a million readers), features a cover story titled "Stacking the Deck? How industry funding can influence science and create confusion." What follows is a three page interview with Marion Nestle outlining the scope of industry funding of nutrition science, diagnosing the issues with that arrangement, and providing tips for how to be an informed consumer of nutrition advice - all previewing what will be in the book. And the introduction to the interview highlights that: "[Marion] is currently writing a book tentatively titled Buying Nutrition Science."

My only quibble is the cover image - looks like they just searched the word "confused" on a stock photo website. Not very inviting! But hey, I'll take this article any day.

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