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Author photo of Gabriella Opaz.


Gabriella Opaz

Storytelling is Gabriella’s oxygen. As an award-winning speaker and writer, she uses stories to create a human connection between worlds that would otherwise never converge. For years, she’s heralded the wonders of Portugal on (a blog about Portugal and Spain); nurtured other writers who wished to do the same; and set the stage for millions to share their stories at an annual global conference she co-created a decade ago. 


The Undiscovered Food Stories of Northern Portugal is an extension of the work Gabriella’s done all of these years – her latest tool and platform to tell empowering stories and make a difference in people’s lives. Few know of Bolhão Market’s

existence. This needs to change! With this book and her new project, Speak UP Portugal, she hopes to shed light on an under-appreciated culture.


For more information on Gabriella Opaz's book Porto, co-authored with Sonia Andresson Nolasco, see here. 

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