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Author photo of Sonia Andresson Nolasco.

Growing up a part of an invisible minority, the Portuguese in America, Sonia gravitates towards underdogs and untold stories. As a reporter, editor and communications director for several years, what has fueled everything she has done is a burning desire to help others have a voice through her writing. She joined, a blog about Portugal and Spain, with the mission of digging deeper into the underrated cultural and culinary treasures of Portugal. With an American eye, but a Portuguese heart, she shares stories about Portugal through a unique lens. 



Sonia Andresson Nolasco

In Porto: Stories from Portugal’s Historic Bolhão Market, Sonia merges her love for writing about Portugal, its food, and her determination to give Bolhão Market the voice it deserves. Through future books and travel and food tours, her goal is to continue unraveling the beauty of Portugal to the world.

For more information on Sonia's book Porto, co-authored with Gabriella Opaz, see here. 


Sonia's author website is here.

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