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Sinsheimer Literary, LLC is a boutique literary agency based in Washington, DC. Sinsheimer Literary exclusively represents adult nonfiction by authors who have already established a professional platform in their chosen field. Submissions in the following areas are particularly encouraged: history, science and technology, social issues, and food and culture. 


Sinsheimer Literary was founded by Max Sinsheimer, who is a member of the Association of Authors' Representatives (AAR). Max began his career as an editor at Oxford University Press, where he managed the popular food and drink Companion series and collaborated with well-known authors, including the public health advocate Marion Nestle, the lexicographer Bryan Garner, and the Brooklyn Brewery Brewmaster Garrett Oliver.  


unsavory truth

October | 2018

America's leading nutritionist exposes how the food industry corrupts scientific research for profit

Is chocolate heart-healthy? Does yogurt prevent type 2 diabetes? Do pomegranates help cheat death? News accounts bombard us with such amazing claims, report them as science, and influence what we eat. Yet, as Marion Nestle explains, these studies are more about marketing than science; they are often paid for by companies that sell those foods. Whether it's a Coca-Cola-backed study hailing light exercise as a calorie neutralizer, or blueberry-sponsored investigators proclaiming that this fruit prevents erectile dysfunction, every corner of the food industry knows how to turn conflicted research into big profit. As Nestle argues, it's time to put public health first. Written with unmatched rigor and insight, Unsavory Truth reveals how the food industry manipulates nutrition science--and suggests what we can do about it.