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Sinsheimer Literary, LLC is a boutique literary agency based in Washington, DC. Sinsheimer Literary exclusively represents nonfiction works by authors who have already established a platform in their chosen field. Submissions in the following areas are particularly encouraged: history, science and technology, social issues, and food and culture. 

Sinsheimer Literary was founded by Max Sinsheimer, who is a member of the Association of American Literary Agents (AALA). Max began his career as an editor at Oxford University Press, where he managed the popular food and drink Companion series and collaborated with well-known authors, including the public health advocate Marion Nestle, the lexicographer Bryan Garner, and the Brooklyn Brewery Brewmaster Garrett Oliver.  


Cover of the book The Oldest Cure in the World.

tHE oLDEST cuRE IN THE world

September | 2022

A journalist delves into the history, science—and practice—of fasting, an ancient cure enjoying a dynamic resurgence

When should we eat, and when should we not?


The answers to these simple questions are not at all what you might expect. Stop eating for long enough, and you’ll set in motion cellular repairs that can slow aging and prevent and reverse diseases like diabetes and hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis and epilepsy, asthma and schizophrenia, and much more. ​Beyond exploring the modern science of fasting, Hendricks takes us on a tour of its surprisingly expansive history, from the ancient Chinese woodcarver who fasted to still his mind and “to forget I have four limbs,” to the unlikely nineteenth-century doctor whose stupendous forty-day fast on a New York stage caused a stir around the world and inaugurated the modern era of therapeutic fasting that we’re still living in.

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