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Cover of the book The No-Nonsense Guide to Divorce.

the no-nonsense guide to divorce

March | 2022

The No-Nonsense Guide to Divorce is the straight-talking, reassuring book you need now if you find yourself facing divorce. Written by an experienced family law attorney, the book is an often blunt, sometimes funny, always empathetic look at one of the most challenging time in your life.


The No-Nonsense Guide to Divorce begins with a list of rules to help you through the tough parts. They’re reliable, time-tested, formulated from the author’s 27 years in practice. In a clear, concise, and contemporary voice, author Lori Hellis offers step-by-step, start-to-finish advice on the many phases of divorce. She covers the full spectrum of divorce issues from beginning to end, from how to start and what temporary measures to take to deciding child custody and parenting time, calculating child and spousal support, and dividing property and debts. The book contains essential information for anyone during a divorce and includes specialized chapters for divorcing seniors, gay couples, and military members. It’s filled with concrete advice, sample documents, and hilarious and sometimes cringe-worthy examples from the author’s years as a practicing divorce attorney. It’s the perfect blend of how-to and what-not-to-do.

For more information on author Lori Hellis, see here.

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