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Cover of the book The Bloomsbury Handbook of Indian Cuisine.

The Bloomsbury Handbook of Indian Cuisine

February | 2023

This landmark reference work covers the entire cuisine and foodways of India in all their diversity and complexity, including regions, groups, and topics that have been neglected, combining factual entries with interesting anecdotes and colorful legends. It includes an overview essay situating the Indian Table in relation to its geography, history and agriculture; a list of key ingredients used in Indian cooking; and alphabetically organized entries including ingredients, beverages and health and medicine. The introduction features a survey of Indian history, using maps to illustrate political divisions, major cities, geographical features, and the extent of major empires. The volume also provides an explanation of the transliteration and translation system used, and an appendix listing ingredients with their names in other Indian languages. Entries are between 150-750 words and include longer entries on key topics including regional cuisines, religions, castes, cooking methods, rice, and chai.

For more information on editor Colleen Taylor Sen, see here.

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