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Samuel Marquis is the ninth-great-grandson of William Kidd, and the award-winning author of twelve American history, historical-fiction, and suspense books. His books have over 20,000 Amazon and Goodreads reviews, and his Blackbeard biography is a Kirkus Reviews Book of the Year Award winner and the top selling Blackbeard book on Amazon for the past five years. Samuel is regularly consulted as an expert in American history by media outlets such as the History Channel and The Historians Podcast.

In addition to his books, Samuel has written more than 50 articles and professional papers on American history, non-fiction and historical-fiction, and scientific topics. Most recently he has published articles on colonial American history, the Golden Age of Piracy, American and British military history, and historical writing, in History Central,, Writer’s Digest, Historical, Suspense Magazine, The Lazy Historian, Books Forward, Lit World Interviews, The Good Men Project, and other media outlets.

The next book from Samuel will be Captain Kidd: A Tale of Triumph, Treasure, and Betrayal. As a direct descendant of Kidd, Samuel feels a responsibility to get every detail of Kidd's legendary story historically correct with his forthcoming book. 

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