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SOLD! Waterproof (edited by Mario Alejandro Ariza)

Brickell flooding during Hurricane Irma. MATT MCCLAIN THE WASHINGTON POST

In September 2018 I sold my fellow Middlebury alum Mario Ariza's debut book Disposable City to Nation Books (now called Bold Type Books). That book is a deeply personal investigation of the present and future peril of sea level rise and climate warming in the Magic City (a harbinger for coastal cities worldwide).

Mario is hardly the only Miamian thinking about the fate of their low-lying coastal city. I am pleased to announce that Mario will be the editor of Waterproof, a new anthology of essays from South Florida-based writers, journalists, and government figures with the theme of Miami in Memoriam. The publisher is Jai-Alai Books, the book imprint of O, Miami, a cultural organization best known for putting on the famed Miami poetry festival that runs the entire month of April each year. Somehow we managed to nail down a contract during the very hectic last week of the festival!

Here is the Publisher's Marketplace deal memo:

Congratulations to Mario and to his editor at Jai-Alai Books, Scott Cunningham! Once he submits the manuscript for Disposable City, Mario will begin recruiting authors for

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