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Cover of the book Just Dope.

just dope

September | 2022

A leading cannabis attorney's insider account of the war on drugs and how to end it for good.

Allison Margolin has had a front row seat to the interminable drug wars from a very young age. She is the daughter of marijuana legalization advocate and pot lawyer Bruce Margolin, famous for defending Timothy Leary. Today Allison is a criminal defense attorney in her own right, a founding partner of the Beverly Hills law firm Margolin & Lawrence, and an expert in cannabis licensing.


Just Dope weaves Allison’s personal and professional stories — from growing up with a pot activist father to defending legalized marijuana from overzealous state and federal officials in California — with new science debunking common misconceptions about addiction, historical analysis of the racist origins of the drug war, and shrewd political examination of the legalization landscape. It is structured in the manner of a criminal trial that will decide a provocative question: should all drugs be made legal?

For more information on author Allison Margolin, see here.

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