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Author photo of Beth Noveck.



Beth Simone Noveck is a professor of Experiential AI at Northeastern University, where she directs the Burnes Center for Social Change and its partner project, The GovLab. She was the nation’s first Deputy Chief Technology Officer, and the director of the White House Open Government Initiative under President Obama.


Beth pioneered one of the earliest platforms for democratic online deliberation, Unchat, and has developed transformative systems that have touched millions of lives. Tech advisor to 10 Downing Street and Former Chancellor Angela Merkel, she is now helping institutions from Congress to the NY Attorney General learn how to use AI for social good.

Beth is probably best known for her thought leadership on how technology is strengthening collective intelligence and our ability to work together in groups online. Through her writing and design work, she was named one of the “Foreign Policy 100” by Foreign Policy magazine, one of Fast Company’s “100 Most Creative People in Business,” and one of the “Top Women in Technology” by Huffington Post. The author of three widely translated books, she can frequently be found in Wired, The Guardian, WashPo, and elsewhere.

Beth Noveck's book Democracy Rebooted: How AI Can Save Democracy is forthcoming. To see what my clients have already published, see here.

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